Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here we walk in downtown Vegas while on our road trip to California! While we ate dinner he got up and left the table for awhile. I thought he was using the restroom or getting information. Minutes later he showed up with three decks of cards for my collection. He is so sweet to me.

Driving again, into San Diego. We stopped for breakfast and then straight home to catch a nap. What a long drive...

Seaport Village is amazing when you are with the one you love. We took tons of pics just on the carousel.

Jesse is so cute!

We laid out on the grass, and rested for awhile looking at the sky. It was so pretty!

Time to say goodbye! We both cried and it was so difficult knowing he had to go home.

Smile Baby!

Hanging out and loving every minute of it!

We took the kids out to play at the park, and we played Spy Games chasing after a hidden item. It was amazing how much the children felt so connected to him.

Okay, here is our favorite picture from Jesse's forst trip to Utah. We had so much fun together.

February, When I met Jesse!

In spite of all the stress of this time of our lives, the kids were kind and loving to each other.
This is how I looked for the whole month of February. Oh and March April and some of May. Basically talking on the phone with Jesse every moment we were apart.

Tristans last field trip for the year. We had a great time on the bus and at the planetarium.

Here I am, tired, but completely happy because of Jesse.

This is the picture Jesse drew in my Senior Yearbook, he was the only boy that signed that book.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Week of Violin

Sarah is learning faster than most others in her group and they all have private coaches. She comes home, does homework and practices for 40 minutes a day. She loves it!

Acrobat in Training

Tristan is always trying some cool new trick.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Going back a few years!

Can you believe how blonde Sarah used to be. She will be a brunette like me someday.
I love those big brown eyes!

This is Sarah in her old bedroom. Tiny and adorable.

She has grown 5 inches per year for the last 3 years!

Tristan is very good at rubbing shoulders. This is just one example of how important massage is in our home.

After a hard day playing in the heat, I served the boys these popsicles and when I turned around this is what I found! I laughed so hard- he never did take a single bite. He just kept rubbing it all over himself until it was completely melted.

This little hiding place was perfect for lighting up his helicopter. Eventually one day he went missing long enough for panic to set in, of course he had fallen asleep in the entertainment center.

Random Pics

Sarah with her new violin. Her ability to play be ear is already paying off with very little experience or practice, she is doing well.

Tristan learns the birthday tradition of making crepes, now he can make them for Dave's birthday this month!

Tristan pours while Sarah is licking her chops waiting for her next treat.

Granpa Dave, then Davey, now Tristan making crepes for others!

Here I am, at my desk where I take care of all the family business.

First Day of 2nd and 3rd Grade!

These boys picked out the matching shirts for the first day of school.
They are getting to big to sit on one stair together.
Because of the bars and stripes, Sarah calls this picture "Prison buddies"

They also picked out some cool shades to protect those gorgeous blue eyes!

Tristan with freshly pulled teeth, he yanked them out all by himself.
He also got his head shaved by Dave.

Tyler wanted his head shave but the clippers broke.

I was happy because I love the curls in his hair.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Father Son Ward Camp Out

Tristan is very excited because mom is not here to say no to the following activity.

Here, his buddy Justin gears him up for his first ever motorbike ride.

Off he goes, pretty good Tristan, you are a natural!

Tyler (far left, blue shirt) goes on a hike with his buddies!

He made it to the top! Great job TyTy!

Beara Bell and MoePoe

Well the girls got a hold of my camera and went picture crazy!
This is Sarah in bad light with a bad sunbrun peeling her face off.

Here they take a friendship picture.

Morgan and her infamous peace sign. She is one groovy friend!

Welcome Home Sarah!! What a greeting huh?
Sarah walked in the door from Young Womens Camp and
after a week she was smothered with love.

What is greasy, dirty and smells like campfire! If you guessed Sarah you win!