Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tristan and Tyler, Best Buddies!

Okay these are all from about 4 years ago.
I just love how my boys get along so well between all their fights!
Here, they devour their food together.

Tyler has always had to pull everything apart to see how it is made.

This is the "Angels in White" picture before church one Sunday.

Although I doubt the white lasted long.

Two and three years old in this one.

Grandma Clydene, who works in Dentistry, will be very proud.

The T.V. wasn't even on- They were just sitting here talking!

2 Cutthroat Trout-almost 15 inches each-Delicious. My dad caught one and I fought the other. When I was younger, this alone would have made me vomit. Now I am okay with it, but Sarah has the real advantage. Check her out!

This is my dad (Ponka) and Sarah scaling and filleting together.

Wow, does anybody see the resemblance?

I say gross! Sarah says Cool! However we failed to obtain the fishes opinion.

Scaling on the right. Filleting on the left.

Sarah can handle just about any task, but is not yet willing to fillet.

She says "Working with a dead body is not my thing, at least cutting it open anyway."

Here she is with our dinner! Now a little seasoning and lemon juice, then a little heat.

Bye Bye Fishie!

More Fishing Fun!

Freezing in the early morning sunrise. Warming up over the gas stove.

Just a jacket? Look closely, those are Sarah's feet hanging out!

It was not even windy yet, or cold and all three kids just bundled up on their chairs and sat in total peace and quiet. Now can you see why I love fishing!

Not just a blanket either! Ty says this look like a snail shell.

It is really just Tyler hanging out, cuddling with himself!

Peek-A-Boo I see Blue, eyes that is.

Ty peeks out to ensure that I took his picture.

Tristan could not stop smiling all day.
Even when he was hiding out, he had a great spirit about him.