Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Father Son Ward Camp Out

Tristan is very excited because mom is not here to say no to the following activity.

Here, his buddy Justin gears him up for his first ever motorbike ride.

Off he goes, pretty good Tristan, you are a natural!

Tyler (far left, blue shirt) goes on a hike with his buddies!

He made it to the top! Great job TyTy!

Beara Bell and MoePoe

Well the girls got a hold of my camera and went picture crazy!
This is Sarah in bad light with a bad sunbrun peeling her face off.

Here they take a friendship picture.

Morgan and her infamous peace sign. She is one groovy friend!

Welcome Home Sarah!! What a greeting huh?
Sarah walked in the door from Young Womens Camp and
after a week she was smothered with love.

What is greasy, dirty and smells like campfire! If you guessed Sarah you win!

Can you say Weird?

No Tristan is not malnurished, he is just tiny.
It is hard to appreciate how small this waist is,
so the next picture will help you get perspective.

Yep, from front to back that is 2 1/2 inches. YIKES!

Here is Tyler showing us how to properly touch your ears

There's ONE!

Oh! There's TWO-yes he really has a hold of both ears.

Tristan, his best friend Everest, and Tyler having a great time together!