Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Duty to Country

Here we go! These boys had just finally served their food up, when they were called away to do their "duty to God and their country"

Scout Salute! What a beautiful sight, look at the wind blow that flag!

Saying the pledge, with about 100 people looking on.

Great job Tristan, you passed off a requirement, and made us all proud.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sarah- 4th of July Birthday Party

With Grandma Bonnie, getting ready to celebrate her birthday!

Graciously sharing a birthday party, cake and hug with Tyler. Half the cake is pink for her, the other , yellow for him.

Best friend Morgan, is like a sister to all my kids, and like my second daughter. It would not be a party without her.

Sarah made this balnket with Grandma Bonnie and she finally gets to have it!

Aunt Nicky made this cool fold out scrapbook for Sarah, she will have fun decorating it.

Tyler at the Lake!

Tyler, waist deep and getting braver. Searching for crawdads.

Finally, he found one without Tristan's help. Yeah!

Now, is he brave enough to touch it?

Of course! Very proud that he did it all by himself!

He found two, and the one on the right was holding a stick in its claw (look closely). So he and Ponka fashioned a shield out of a lid to make them into dueling crawdads.

Tristan in July!

Last day of school with his most amazing teacher! He really loves her!

Crawdadding at the lake, with the new nets from Ponka. Tristan on the left, Tyler on the right.

Tristan taught this kid how to properly pick up a crawdad, he was so patient and helped the boy get over his fears. He will be a great daddy some day.

Tristan just lost his two front teeth last week, he even pulled them both by himself!

Love that toothless grin!

Love those crawdads!

I'm 6 months behind-here are some fun moments

Christmas at grandparents, Tyler could not resist the pot of cookies.

New Years Eve! 10 degrees below zero and Sarahs best friend Morgan is wearing flip flop slippers, out to do midnight fireworks.

This is just a monkey I drew after seeing a picture of it in the National Geographic.

My dad gave my boys some fun construction bandanas. Notice this one says,

"No Parking Any Time" Well Tyler has this car taped to his head and started yelling

"He's breaking the law, He's breaking the law!"

Tristan prides himself on his strength. He is pure muscle.

He is proud of his little "8pack"